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Ms. Sadiqa Salahuddin

Ms. Sadiqa Salahuddin the Trustee of Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) Board is recognized as one of the leading development professionals and a prominent NGO leader with extensive national and international exposure. She had been the Chief Instructor at NIPA Karachi before joining as the first Director of NGO Resource Centre of the Aga Khan Foundation. She left AKDN in 1999 after serving 8 years and then set up an NGO called Indus Resource Centre (IRC) in 1999 with some of her likeminded professional colleagues. IRC is working in the rural areas of Sindh for empowerment of the marginalized rural communities particularly women.
Besides providing leadership to Indus Resource Centre, Sadiqa is considered as a resource person on education in Sindh and is regularly invited to deliver lectures and talks in prestigious institutions such as IED, National College for Management, Lahore and other similar institutions. She has widely traveled and has participated as a presenter and keynote speaker in international seminars and conference related to social development issues and civil society.

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