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35-year-old Abida Parveen, resident of basti Meerani, Tehsil Jatoi District Muzaffargarh. Abida Parveen has always had a passion for tailoring; she decided to pursue her dream after enrolling on the tailoring course organized under BDRP Program Phase-II in tehsil Jatoi, Abida Parveen developed her skills and equipped herself to stitched her way to Success.

Abida Parveen has two children, and her husband is daily wage labourer. Abida look back and shared that before the course, I did not know I had a purpose in life I just look after my livestock & farming which was our only source of income.

“Tailoring was my interest in past, after receiving technical training from FDO & WHH  under BDRP Program, Tailoring is my Source of Income”  Abid Parveen shared about how she got enrolled for the training course, she shared that I was a member of Village disaster Management Committee (VDMC) formed under the BDRP program by the Farmers Development Organization (FDO). One day I came to know during VDMC monthly meeting that FDO is going to start skill development training. I showed my interest for the tailoring trade as UCDMC Jhugi wala also recommended me as per criteria.

“Tailoring was my interest in past, after receiving technical training from FDO & WHH  under BDRP Program, Tailoring is my Source of Income”


After completing course, she [Abida Parveen] worked as a tailor, stitching for male & female dresses in the neighbourhood. In beginning, she gained steady clients and experience as a good tailor. Abida Parveen wishes all unemployed young girls of her area could have the same opportunity as she did. Abida Parveen showed compassion in replicating her skills to 05 of her neighbourhood girls in securing a good life for themselves. Abida Parveen said. “I charge them Rs: 5000/- each and will earn about Rs 25000/- after completion of their technical course from that too.

Abida shared that “this is a fact that I am now self-employed that has made me independent, Abida Parveen feeling proud to be able to contributing Rs: 10,000/- ensuring from tailoring in monthly expenses. She further added “Now I can contribute money for food and could purchase of school material for my 9th class daughter and son as well, which has actually meant a lot for my family.

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