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Cesvi, with implementing partner Bright Star Development Society Balochistan (BSDSB), has been providing essential support to strengthen health facilities in districts Quetta and Pishin of Balochistan under this ECHO-funded project. Eleven major health facilities were equipped with the medical and non-medical supplies and given the infrastructure rehabilitation support they needed to effectively test and treat COVID-19 patients while being able to continue their other health services.

Oxygen supply is a crucial element of COVID-19 treatment, and the rapid spread of the novel disease caused nationwide oxygen shortages, including in major hospitals, disrupting the proper care of critical patients and in some cases, halting or delaying other medical services. Through this project, Cesvi provided 73 oxygen cylinders to health facilities in the two target districts of Balochistan struggling to meet the oxygen needs of patients.

Cesvi -Pakistan

The Shaheed Benazir Bhutto General Hospital in Quetta had an oxygen generation plant connected to the internal supply system, however, due to functionality issues with the plant, the hospital was forced to buy cylinders from the market to fulfill its needs.

Cesvi and BSDSB fully rehabilitated this oxygen plant, allowing the health facility to conveniently and efficiently meet all its patients’ requirements. Moreover, the rehabilitated plant also allowed two other major facilities, the Shaikh Zayed Hospital and the Fatima Jinnah Chest & General Hospital, to get their oxygen supply, thus benefitting many more patients.

Cesvi - Pakistan

The provision of different medical and non-medical equipment has also helped the health facilities in a multitude of ways. The medical equipment given to Fatima Jinnah Chest & General Hospital, including ABG machines, BiPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, defibrillators and cardiac monitors, allowed them to set up a new and fully equipped ICU ward. Meanwhile, the fire extinguishers provided to a health facility in Khanozai helped put out a fire in the compound’s mosque, saving the structure from severe damage.

This support has provided not only immediate relief to facilities dealing with this global pandemic, but also improved long-term capacity in the form of good quality medical equipment and rehabilitation of crucial infrastructure.



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