Bheemo Shares His Success Journey in Setting up First-ever Jujube Orchard in His Village – Action Against Hunger (ACF)

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Bheemo Kolhi s/o Chanesar, is a resident of village Chanesar Bheel, district Badin. He has a family of seven members that includes his five siblings, his wife and himself.  Bheemo is a local farmer and his entire household depends on agricultural production. However, he was facing recurrent income losses due to the location of his village which is situated at the tail end right beside Akram canal in district Badin. This village is also under constant exposure to natural hazards including floods, drought and water shortage.

Bheemo shared that overall, climate change is one of the leading causes of low net per farm revenues, per capita incomes, and increasing food insecurity and poverty in his village. He further added that changes in precipitation patterns and temperature, frequent floods, and droughts are not only affecting agriculture but also triggering an increase in the uncertainty of their livelihoods.

ACF and its implementing partner under the Skala project are striving to strengthen resilience to a natural disasters of most Vulnerable populations in district Badin through increased disaster preparedness and nutrition-sensitive emergency assistance. The Skala project technical teams have trained local farmers like Bheemo to grow healthy food by improving their agricultural land through the use of appropriate techniques.

Bheemo had an agricultural land, wherewith the technical support of ACF and LHDP, he successfully established a demonstration plot to experiment cultivation of various fruits and vegetables to increase his farm productivity. ACF and LHDP’s technical staff conducted soil sampling and found his land suitable for Jujube orchard farming. 

“I was selected as a beneficiary for setting-up demonstration plot for Jujube orchard production and simultaneous cultivation of other vegetables like tomatoes and chilies through multi-cropping technique. I received training from ACF’s technical staff on setting up  jujube orchard in my demonstration plot and used Laser land leveler for smooth flow of water in my field to ensure judicious use of water and for irrigating purposes to support production of vegetables under multi-cropping technique”.


Through the farmer field school approach, Bheemo and a group of 20 farmers were then further trained by the technical staff on land preparation for Jujube farming, soil management, laser leveling, integrated pest management, preparing farmyard manure, mulching and multi-cropping technique to simultaneously grow vegetables along with Jujube orchard. Bheemo was also provided with Jujube trees and a fertilizer package.

Bheemo and other farmers have learned new farming techniques as a result of the technical support and participatory training provided by ACF and LHDP.

ACF and its partner LHDP under this program plan to set up 180 demonstration plots for small-scale farmers, out of which 24 have been already been established, including 8 demonstration plots for women farmers.



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