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Ayaz Ahmed hails from village Basti Gopang, district Muzaffargarh and is a Team Leader of the Union Council Disaster Management Committee, UC Juggi Wala. 30 years old Ayaz is married, has a 2-year-old son and lives in a joint family system with ten other household members including his parents and siblings. He works as a dispenser in BHU Jhuggi Wala and is also a volunteer in government’s Corona Tiger Force.

Under the BDRP programme, Ayaz participated in the refresher sessions on Hazard, Vulnerability, Capacity & Risk Assessment (HVCRA), basic life-saving skills and COVID-19 prevention measures. He took a keen interest in the COVID-19 session and was very excited and interested to learn about its symptoms and precautionary measures. Soon after the awareness sessions, Ayaz motivated his like-minded fellow community members and developed an active volunteer group. This group of volunteers from different hamlets worked with the mission to create awareness against social stigma associated with the Coronavirus, as well as addressing common misconceptions/myths related to it.

Ayaz led the group of volunteers and visited fifteen houses a day to deliver door-to-door sessions, using the guidelines shared in  the VDMCs refresher and COVID-19 training. He also demonstrated hand-washing practices during each session with men, women and children. 

”Under BDRP programme, the COVID-19 banners carrying similar messages are also placed at the public places which help in the reinforcement of the message.”

–Ayaz Ahmed

Ayaz has delivered 350 sessions in his hometown of 1,600 people to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result of his campaign efforts, the  villagers started using face  masks, ensured protective  hygiene practices and social  distancing to effectively respond  to the pandemic.

“There were huge misconceptions in the village  regarding COVID-19. The  door-to-door sessions have  helped dispel misinformation  about the disease while  promoting precautionary  measures like frequent hand  washing and wearing masks  among the community.”

–Ayaz Ahmed

Due to the tireless efforts of Ayaz  and his team of volunteers to  address the myths associated  with the disease, a sense of  responsibility was instilled among  the community members and  they were able to stay safe during the current pandemic.



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