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Venus BiBi -a widow – is the only bread earner in her family and has 5 daughters. She lives in Islamabad and works at MCI-Islamabad as a sanitary worker. During COVID-19 she lost her job for 3 months. Nonetheless, she continued to inform people about the SOPs to protect against the disease. As job opportunities became scarce due to lockdowns she was overwhelmed with an all-consuming despair and hopelessness.

It was during this time that Help in Need took the initiative of disbursement of cash grants to the most vulnerable households in order to meet their food needs.  2,300 families were identified and verified, of which 1,500 households were recommended for cash grants of 7,500 PKR per family.

Venus Bibi’s family was one of the 1,500 households. Although her job was retained later, but she was not paid her salary for 3 months. Venus Bibi received the cash grant in December 2020 which helped her purchase month’s ration for her family.

”When I received the verification call, I jumped with joy and thanked God for sending Help in Need and DKH to our aid. I have been through very difficult times, but I am ever grateful to the people who came to our aid at the time we needed it most

–Venus Bibi

She said during the time when her daughters slept hungry without a morsel of food all day, she felt so helpless that the only thing she could do was look up to the sky and ask God to send help for her family.

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