Installation of Solarized Submersible Pumps at Tharparkar – SIF

Kanhani Bheel is a village in Tharpakrar. During a normal day, villagers spend around four to six hours on average to fetch four to five pots (50 to 60 liters) of water with the help of camels and donkeys, but most of the population is very poor and cannot purchase animals for purpose of fetching water. Most of the families spend a whole day for extracting water from dug wells which are situated far and wide. The threat of Cholera and Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) still looms over in Kanhani Bheel like many other villages in district Tharparkar.

In Kanhani Bheel village essential services such as WASH are not available or accessible, people are more susceptible to WASH-related illness and child death due to malnutrition. What makes the matters worse are the open wells, where most of the inhabitants trek long distances to reach them in search of water, which is usually contaminated from exposed boreholes.

“ After installation of solar pumps, I can take better care of my livestock, my children and my whole family.  Earlier my kids used to fetch water and it was very difficult to fill the buckets by pulling up the rope by hands. “

-Rodi, a housewife

The groundwater with TDS greater than 3,000 ppm, is much higher than permissible limit of WHO for human consumption and may be one of the reasons for the poor health of the inhabitants. SIF conducted water tests in targeted villages and identified the potential dug wells which have appropriate limits of TDS for drinking purpose.

They were rehabilitated and equipped with advanced technology like solarized submersible pumps installation in addition to water storage tanks which have capacity of about 5,000 liters in one hour.


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