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This is the story of a girl who had no friends. She was unable to go out and play with anyone nor was she able to enjoy activities that would keep her mentally and physically healthy. She had no choice but to stay in her bed helplessly in one corner of her home.

Samina is 7 years old and lives in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp near Jalozai with her parents and two siblings. She has a physical disability due to which she is unable to walk or use her hands for certain tasks.

Her parents had to leave behind all valuables and household goods in their hometown of Sheen Qamar Khel, Bara Agency during the Taliban insurgency nine years ago and came to Jalozai IDP camp. Samina’s mother narrated “We are labourers and due to poverty we could not afford a proper medical treatment for her.

Photo by: Handicap International

Before becoming a member of Children Group, she used to be very gloomy and her time was spent sleeping on her bed or tuning into the conversations of people had outside from her window.

She had no friends or any toys to play with to pass her time with. Her parents did not engage her in any sports or activities either. Her mother even used to feed and clean her as she could not eat anything with her own hands. GT team visited her, gave her membership to the Children Group and informed her about the Disability Rehabilitation Center.

Photo by: Handicap International

Samina was inducted into the group where she was able to make some friends. Her friends used to carry her and helped her participate in various activities. She was also taken to CBR for a medical diagnosis where she met the AKI team.

Samina’s friends from the Children Group happily carried her around and would take her to Sports Ground, leading to a marked improvement in her mental health. Surrounded by friends, her face glowed with happiness. She learned a lot from these activities and started greeting any passerby whom she was not even acquainted with.

After a detailed medical diagnosis, AKI team recommended some physical exercises for Samina’s rehabilitation and took measurements for a wheelchair. Samina started performing the exercises 3-4 times a day and was also provided with a wheelchair, which brought about a huge change in her life. We are very thankful to GT team who taught my child how to live a happy life.

-Samina’s mother

After playing with the toys provided by the Children Group Team, she has started using her hands more and takes a huge interest in Lego building blocks, art and drawing activities. She felt very elated after the completion of each activity and clearly a visible increase in her mental growth is noticed.



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