Pakistan Humanitarian Forum

World Humanitarian Day – One Humanity

World Humanitarian Day (WHD), takes place 19 August 2016, and has been designated by the UN General Assembly to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq and recognise the aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service.

PHF member INGOs  working to deliver humanitarian assistance and long-term development programming in Pakistan. About 6,000 staff are employed locally by PHF member INGOs and work throughout the country in health, poverty reduction, education, water, sanitation and hygiene, climate change, disaster risk management/disaster reduction, agriculture, food and shelter.

Highlights of PHF INGOs work in Pakistan:

  • PHF members support the people of Pakistan in partnership with the communities that they serve. They work within the framework and the priorities set by the Government of Pakistan.
  • PHF members are continuously increasing efforts to ensure accountability of public funds and transparency to the people they work with, as well as to donors and the host Government.
  • 26 Million people will be reached in 2016 with humanitarian relief and development assistance by INGOs, together with their local partners and the Government of Pakistan.
  • 6000 National staff are employed by PHF member INGOs. International staff (40 international staff) make up 0.6 percent of total employees.
  • PKR 27 Billion Collective amount raised by PHF members in 2016, this is in addition to the Government expenditure for humanitarian and development sectors.


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