DATE: 14th May 2018

International Non-Governmental Organisations Registration with the Government of Pakistan

On 2nd May 2018, Islamabad Police issued a letter to close down the offices of a number of INGOs this included three PHF members. Media reports indicated that 11 INGOs have been asked to close their operations. PHF seeks to clarify that all its members are continuing to operate and awaiting decisions from the Ministry of Interior on their future status as part of the INGO registration process that began in October 2015. INGOs are hopeful that concerned authorities will permit them to continue their work that reached 34 million people in 2017 with humanitarian and development assistance. In addition, INGOs continue to support the priorities of the Government of Pakistan to honour its commitments to Sustainable Development Goals.

For media enquiries contact Nargis Khan, Policy and Communications Advisor at or cell 0345 5007256. ENDS