About PHF SafetyXQ5X8423
One of the most important elements in humanitarian work is for humanitarian workers to be able to operate safely and securely. The PHF Safety helps facilitate humanitarian access by supporting member organisations in their operations across Pakistan.

This role was first envisaged by members in 2007 in response to the challenging operating environment in Pakistan. PHF members expressed their need for greater support and guidance on a range of safety measures which influence the implementation of humanitarian activities. In July, 2011, PHF Safety was formally established toXQ5X6517 help members identify and analyse their risks and provide support to their operations.

The aim of PHF Safety is to enable safe delivery of humanitarian aid in Pakistan and help INGOs mitigate their risks. This is done through a number of products and services offered to members including:

  1. Information gathering & analysis: NGOs in Pakistan manage complex programmes often in multiple locations. PHF Safety helps NGOs by collecting and consolidating information about the safety environment throughout Pakistan. Information is regularly disseminated through the following products:
    SMS alerts (for critical incidents)
    Monthly reports
    Monthly articles on NGO operational issues
    Monthly analytical reports
    Briefings and information sharing on other pertinent topics
  2. Coordination: PHF Safety maintains relationships with a wide range of actors also interested in NGO safety including within the Pakistan government, Pakistan police, the UN, and diplomatic missions. PHF Safety also coordinates regular meetings for sharing and coordinating information.
  3. Training: Helping the staff of NGO members to better understand and operate safely in the different regions of Pakistan is a key element of the PHF Safety function. To this end, new expatriate staff are briefed on arrival by PHF Safety in cooperation with their NGO. Regular Basic Safety Seminars are held monthly to introduce and educate safety and security topics to NGO staff. Ad hoc training workshops and training sessions are developed and held to meet the needs of members. In addition, PHF facilitates attendance by members at trainings held by specialist organisations who train on safety issues.
  4. Response: At the request of NGO members, PHF Safety will provide back-stopping support and advice as well as facilitate assistance and coordination in critical incident responses. PHF Members can request contact PHF Safety with specific requests for further information or to verify information they have received.

XQ5X2340PHF Safety works full-time facilitating and coordinating the different products and servicesprovided to NGO Members. If you would like to contact the Safety Team please email: PHFsafety@pakhumanitarianforum.org.

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