_MG_7897PHF Policy and Communications facilitates joint advocacy and communications on key policy issues in relation to humanitarian and development assistance and the operational environment in Pakistan, establishing PHF as the independent and credible joint voice of INGOs.

PHF engages on and influences policy and practice on areas of common interest as identified by PHF members and detailed in the PHF Strategic Framework, this includes both standing and emerging priorities. PHF Policy and communications work seeks to influence policy and practice change to enhance access of communities to effective assistance and services, by:

  • supporting access of humanitarian organisations to communities;
  • promoting understanding and acceptance of humanitarian principles;
  • engaging on humanitarian and development systems policy and structures to enhance effectiveness;
  • promoting understanding of the role of national and international NGOs in Pakistan.

PHF provides a platform for INGO coordination and develops briefing papers and information sheets on priority areas for engagement with key audiences. PHF also engages in media outreach to increase wider understanding of the way in which the humanitarian work of its members is coordinated and delivered to beneficiaries and to highlight humanitarian and development situations and needs.XQ5X2304

A platform for unified INGO positioning to guide principled humanitarian and development implementation is highly relevant. The extent and depth of humanitarian and development operational and programmatic complexities, as well as the diversity of actors engaged, necessitate coordinated joint approaches. Communicating to a range of external audiences at all levels across Pakistan and internationally as an independent voice on operational and programmatic humanitarian and development issues is vital to supporting access of communities to principled assistance and quality services.

Some regular activities of PHF Policy and Communications include:

  • Discussion and positioning of PHF members on key policy and operational issues, through a regular working groups and outreach to members.
  • Development of external briefing papers and information sheets.
  • Regular, planned and strategic communication with key stakeholders including government representatives, donors, UN agencies, the media and national NGOs for effective dialogue on PHF key standing and emerging issues affecting humanitarian and development assistance.
  • Open and transparent communication on the work of INGOs in Pakistan.
  • Establishing and developing close links with key government counterparts for communication and exchange on priorities as they arise.
  • Facilitation of members led policy and advocacy initiatives, on PHF priority areas, through the platform of PHF.