XQ5X6770PHF has a membership of 63 international NGOs working to deliver humanitarian assistance, disaster recovery, risk reduction and long-term development programming in Pakistan. Over 5,000 Pakistanis work for PHF Member INGOs throughout the country on health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, shelter, protection, and food security. These INGOs, together with their local partners, with humanitarian relief and development assistance by INGOs, together with their local partners and the Government of Pakistan annually reach approximately 29 million people with assistance and services.

PHF members work for the people of Pakistan in partnership with the communities that they serve. They work within the XQ5X0063framework and the priorities set by the Government of Pakistan. PHF members continuously improve their work to ensure accountability of public funds and transparency to the people they work with, as well as to donors and the host government. They do this through:

  • Building National Capacity: PHF members work with and support  local and national NGOs in their project implementation across Pakistan.
  • Building International Humanitarian Response Capacity: Pakistani national staff of PHF Members are highly trained and qualified for work in relief and development. They use this expertise in regular short-term deployments in other emergencies in worldwide.
  • Employment in the Social Sector: PHF members directly employ over 5000 Pakistani staff 
  • Programming Budgets: In addition to government expenditure in the social sector, INGOs contributed over $285 million in their programming in 2016.
  • Immediate, Experienced Emergency Response Capacity: PHF members have the capacity to respond, at any time to emergencies in the sectors in which they are currently implementing projects in Pakistan.

PHF members deliver this support in 97% of all Pakistan’s districts and areas and districts in Khyber Paktunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan, Azad-Jammu Kashmir as well as the seven tribal agencies, and six frontier Regions.


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