XQ5X2289The Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) represents 43 International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) delivering humanitarian assistance and development projects in Pakistan.

The PHF was formed in June 2003 as an acknowledged coordination forum, after needs for increased partnership working and information sharing between NGOs was identified during the earthquake in the northern areas in 2002. All the leading INGOs working in disaster management signed on to an informal membership.

Today the PHF is an independent coordinating forum that supports and facilitates the work of INGOs to effectively address the humanitarian and development needs across Pakistan. All PHF members are required to sign and adhere to the PHF code of conduct and in doing so commit to providing humanitarian and/or development assistance to the people of Pakistan based on need alone regardless of nationality, gender, background, political affiliations, or religious beliefs. Member organisations operate independently from political, economic, military or other objectives and will never knowingly – or though negligence – act as instruments of foreign policy of donor governments. PHF operates in a spirit of transparency, impartiality and cooperation, as defined by its vision, mission, and mandate.

The PHF is supported by a permanent Secretariat established in 2011. The Secretariat provides dedicated staff to develop and deliver the core PHF services. The PHF Secretariat is accountable through the Country Coordinator and annually elected Executive Committee and Chair, to the PHF membership.