Pakistan Humanitarian Forum

Membership Criteria

In order to become a member an international NGO should fulfill our basic criteria. The INGO must:

  • Be an international, non-governmental, relief and development organization;
  • Be a legal entity in the country registered with, or in the process of registering with, the Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior;
  • HaveĀ an office in Pakistan;
  • Should accept and sign the PHF Code of Conduct;
  • Should have previous experience in working in relief, recovery, disaster response and/or development;
  • Be willing to pay initial registration and yearly membership fees;
  • Be willing to share information with members and actively participate to promote the vision, mission and mandate of the forum;

Organisations fulfilling the above criteria will then need to provide the following documents, which will be reviewed by the Secretariat, the Executive Committee and then go to the Membership for non-objection :

  1. Registration Form: completed registration form. Click here to download;
  2. Legal registration: A copy of the INGO’s legal registration with the Government of Pakistan – Ministry of Interior, or evidence that registration with the MOI is in process;
  3. Operational experience: A signed statement on official stationary affirming that the INGO has been operational for at least 6 months;
  4. Governance documentation: A copy of the INGO’s written constitution that clearly defines the INGO’s mission, objectives and organizational structure;
  5. Documentation: A copy of an audited financial report for its most recent fiscal year;
  6. Annual Report: A copy of the Annual Report for the last year;
  7. Website: A link to official website of the INGO;
  8. Any brochures, reports, or other documents elaborating the work/projects and competencies of the INGO.