Pakistan Humanitarian Forum

Become a Member

_MG_7897Membership in PHF enables INGOs to collaborate and coordinate their activities, to learn and share with each other as well as to receive vital and timely information which is pertinent to the daily operations of their organisation.

This includes:

  • A monthly General Members Meeting attended by heads of major international NGOs;
  • A monthly update on coordination within the UN – including representation at the Humanitarian Country Team and other UN coordination fora;_MG_8022
  • A quarterly briefing with donors;
  • A monthly Advocacy Meeting discussing policy;
  • Coordination and sharing on operational issues – such as No-Objection Certificates (NOCs) and finance/admin issues;
  • A bi-weekly Safety Coordination Meeting;
  • A monthly Safety Report giving an overview and analysis of events affecting the safety of INGO staff;
  • SMS alerts and advisories on safety and security issues;
  • Monthly analytical reports and reports on items of safety interest for INGOs.

For further information on membership, please click on the links below: