The work of PHF is managed and delivered by the PHF Secretariat. PHF has a dedicated staff to deliver two core services for, and with, its INGO members. The core services are:

PHF coordination and information services including positioning the PHF and the membership on operations and policies related to humanitarian and development assistance and policy. Holding regular coordination meetings for INGOs and partners on key humanitarian, development and operation issues. Collecting, compiling and disseminating information to enhance and support NGO operations. Promoting and supporting INGO representation and engagement at policy and operation meetings. The PHF also carries out data collection and analysis, supports joint assessments and compiles reports for its members on priority topics.

PHF joint policy, advocacy and communications includes coordinating and engaging on priority areas, through strategic networking and established relationships with key stakeholders and seats at policy and operational fora. PHF develops external positions, briefing papers and information sheets on priority subjects and distributes to relevant audiences to support policy development and access of populations to assistance and services. PHF also engages in media outreach to increase wider understanding of the way in which the humanitarian work of its members is coordinated and delivered to beneficiaries and to highlight humanitarian and development situations and needs.

How we Work

PHF is comprised of the membership, the member formed annually elected Exeutive Committee and Chair, and the PHF Secretariat. The Executive Committeed with the Country Coordinator are mandated to ensure the good governance of the PHF and take decisions, in consultaiton with the PHF membership, on PHF operations and priorities.

The work of the PHF is guided by a five year strategic framework and annual programmes for each PHF service. The Secretariat is headed by the Country Coordinator and accountable to the PHF membership, through the elected executive committee for delivery of the planned work of PHF. The Secretariat has dedicated staff supporting the services that PHF delivers: Coordination and Information; Policy and Communications.

The Country Coordinator, Executive Committee and Chair of the Executive Committee are mandated to represent the PHF externally in allignment with PHF positisons and priorities.

A General Members Meeting takes place monthly along with regular permanent working groups on advocacy and safety and ad hoc thematic coordination meetings. In addition, specific taskforces are established based on need, and are led by the membership. The PHF Secretariat is based in Islamabad. PHF has members based and opearational across Pakistan.